While the need for the Club's services has grown, funding has become harder to obtain.  Grants fund 90% of the Club's operating and programming costs, including the 21st Century Community Learning Grant that funds our Education Center.  This grant, originally intended as a start-up, has been extended beyond its original scope by several years, while the amount awarded each year has declined.  In addition, since the economic downturn many grantors have been dramatically reducing the number and amounts of awards they pay each year, and the government has cut many grant programs all together.  The loss of funding can happen at any time, putting the Club at risk. 

Recognizing that the Club is a vital part of our community, the board of directors is determined to ensure that it remains available for our children and for future generations.  This can be done by both solidifying and diversifying the Club's funding.  The board has voted to build a $2.4 million endowment fund.  The interest earned on these funds is designed to secure our operation so that our youth will always have a safe, positive place to be.  In addition, the Resource Development committee is committed to further engaging community support.  By ensuring a steady source of income, the Club will always be able to provide the programs and positive adult supervision that our community's children need.

Fund Investment

The Club's endowment fund is held in trust and is professionally managed locally by DA Davidson, under the direction of the Club's Endowment Committee.  By policy, only the endowment income, up to 5% annually, is spent on program needs, thus protecting the principle in perpetuity. 

A Lasting Legacy

Giving to the endowment fund provides many benefits to you as a donor, both tangible and intangible.  Perhaps the greatest benefit is the knowledge that you have provided hope and opportunity to children who might otherwise have none.  You will leave a legacy that will impact not only today's children, but those of future generations.  The Club will be here for those who need it most because of you. Your contribution will have both an immediate and long-lasting impact.  Your support ensures that our Club can continue to provide high quality academic enrichment programs for children in our community. 

Tax Benefits

The Boys & Girls Club of the Hi-Line is a 501(c)3 charitable organization.  There are many tax-deductible options available to persons wanting to contribute to  the Endowment Fund, each with distinct advantages;  Cash Gift, Multi-year pledge, Charitable Gift Annuity, Securities, Bequest, Life Insurance Policy, Payable on Death (POD) designation and Real Estate.

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